Rick L. Avatar
Rick L.
2/11/2024 - Google
Mr. Breon assisted us in a matter of guardianship for our 4 grandchildren. He was professional, understanding of our needs and desires and communication was clear and was quick to respond to any and all questions. We would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone needing them.
Mind Y. Avatar
Mind Y.
1/25/2024 - Google
David was so accomodating even when I was unable to do the same. He was always helpful, informative, and efficient. I am very grateful to have found him and his Law firm. I will definitely be using him if the need presents itself in the future.
Maikellia J. Avatar
Maikellia J.
3/05/2023 - Google
I could not have asked for a better lawyer David was very patient with me. There were things that he needed me to get done in a certain time and I couldn't but he always understood. I will definitely be recommending his law firm
Gloria T. Avatar
Gloria T.
2/06/2023 - Google
The reason why I gave this law firm five stars, is because of David Breon. Not only does he knows his job very well but also he is fine just like wine, he just keeps getting better with time!!!! Yeah!!!!
lyndra s. Avatar
lyndra s.
2/05/2023 - Google
I have never encountered a lawyer as kind and thorough as David! He went above and beyond even what he was paid to do! If I ever need legal action again, I would definitely use this firm!!!! Best service I have ever received!
Sophia R. Avatar
Sophia R.
12/31/2022 - Google
Great Legal help! Easy to work with, affordable and caring!
Amber K. Avatar
Amber K.
9/18/2022 - Google
I truly appreciate David’s professionalism and sincere help during a stressful time of my life. He has been truly wonderful. He was prompt to respond to my requests and patiently explained the law to me in ways I could understand. I could not have asked for a better attorney. I prayed God would send me the right attorney and He did!
Rickey R. Avatar
Rickey R.
8/18/2022 - Google
The absolute Very BEST,Super Fast,Pro Active, Very impressive,I highly recommend for any & all cases! "Super Happy".. 5 Stars ⭐ Service
Ashley M. Avatar
Ashley M.
8/18/2022 - Google
Great service, represented me thoroughly!
Devin B. Avatar
Devin B.
7/18/2022 - Google
They met me at the courthouse on the day of my hearing and everything went so smoothly. We got everything finalized and done that day which was awesome. My attorney David knew all the details of my case and if I didn’t want to I wouldn’t have had to say anything to the judge at all.