Amber K. Avatar
Amber K.
9/18/2022 - Google

I truly appreciate David’s professionalism and sincere help during a stressful time of my life. He has been truly wonderful. He was prompt to respond to my requests and patiently explained the law to me in ways I could understand. I could not have asked for a better attorney. I prayed God would send me the right attorney and He did!

Rickey R. Avatar
Rickey R.
8/18/2022 - Google

The absolute Very BEST,Super Fast,Pro Active, Very impressive,I highly recommend for any & all cases! "Super Happy".. 5 Stars ⭐ Service

Ashley M. Avatar
Ashley M.
8/18/2022 - Google

Great service, represented me thoroughly!

Devin B. Avatar
Devin B.
7/18/2022 - Google

They met me at the courthouse on the day of my hearing and everything went so smoothly. We got everything finalized and done that day which was awesome. My attorney David knew all the details of my case and if I didn’t want to I wouldn’t have had to say anything to the judge at all.

lori k. Avatar
lori k.
7/18/2022 - Google

David Breon is awesome, he definitely gets the job done.

Thressa M. Avatar
Thressa M.
7/18/2022 - Google

very Helpful

Carol J. Avatar
Carol J.
7/18/2022 - Google

One day I woke up and my life was turned upside down. I then realized I need legal counsel. I call Semita Legalism, LLC and within minutes I heard a caring, calm and concerned professional attorney on the other end of the line. I shared my situation with Attorney David Breon. David kindly explained to me my options on how to move forward with my dilemma. I had never retained an attorney before so I was very sceptical about the process. Soon after our initial over the phone conversation, we were discussing the in's and out of my options in a zoom meeting. Talking to David from the very beginning felt like I was talking to a friend, I felt at ease. I retained Semita Legalism, LLC for my first case and the judge at that hearing personally told me that I have a good attorney and that David Breon fought hard for me! I soon realized that the key players and elected officials in our judiciary system gave David total respect, which is very important when moving mountains throughout our legal system. I walked away pleased and happy with the outcome. David continued to keep his promises throughout the legal process of my second case as I once again felt honored to have him represent me. He was very patient and thorough. David guided me through the legal process explaining every move we made, I was never in the dark on the activity of my case. Even while vacationing out of state David corresponded with me via text, voicemail and email. The traumatic situation I brought to Semita Legalism, LLC and David Breon, that I thought would haunt me for years to come was over and done within 6 short months. I recommend that if you ever find yourself needing a honest, caring professional attorney, that you make Semita Legalism, LLC your first call. You won't have to dail another number. David Breon you rock! Thank you!

j s. Avatar
j s.
6/18/2022 - Google

Semita Legalis provided me very prompt and professional legal services when I needed them. Communication was consistently clear and timely, with a quick response time to any questions I asked. I would recommend Semita Legalis to anyone who wants legal assistance from a lawyer who cares and will do the job right.

Evelyng K. Avatar
Evelyng K.
6/18/2022 - Google

David: Estoy eternamentente agradecida por tu trabajo con mi proceso migratorio. Como abogado, me acompañaste desde el inicio con el proceso del visado hasta mi naturalización como ciudadana estadounidense. Ha sido una senda larga, pero tu disponibilidad de siempre ayudarme, contestar mis preguntas legales y explicarmélos con ejemplos, me ayudó mucho a comprender cada paso del proceso migratorio. Recomiendo tus servicios como abogado de inmigración. Millón gracias! David: I am eternally grateful for your work with my immigration process. As an attorney, you guided me from the beginning with the visa process up to my naturalization as a U.S. Citizen. It has been a long path, but your availability to always helpme, answer my questions and explain legal concepts to me with examples, greatly helped me understand every step of the immigration process. I recommend your services as an immigration attorney. A million thanks!