Family Law

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Marriage, paternity, and child custody matters aren’t just about the law; they also affect your day-to-day life, your finances, and often your children’s future. They can also be very emotional matters, which increases the stakes. Getting it right is very important. At Semita Legalis, we’re here to get it right, to the best of our ability. We help clients through the legal side of their cases, by keeping them updated and providing them with well-researched, analyzed and, many times, previously experienced options, which empower them to make informed decisions and reach their legal goals.

We approach our relationship to clients as a partnership. Our clients have goals and our job is to help meet them through our legal competence. As part of that, we ask our clients for clear communication on everything that’s important to the case—even if it’s a sensitive topic. In return, we offer the same. We promise to keep our clients informed about the steps in their cases, major events, and what’s likely to happen next. Objectives of our representation always belong to the client, and we will provide professional guidance and consultation as to the means by which those objectives are pursued.

David Breon has particular experience in difficult family law matters. He used to work as a staff attorney for a legal aid program where he provided legal services for victims of domestic abuse. Subsequently, he practiced law in a multistate law firm which focused exclusively on family law and domestic relations matters. If you have a challenging and contentious family law matter, we promise that we will handle your case with the care and discretion those situations require.

Semita Legalis is located in western Missouri near Whiteman AFB, and we are proud to offer the targeted legal guidance that military family law requires. Lead attorney David Breon, an Army veteran, is admitted to practice law in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas, so he can appear in court wherever needed in those jurisdictions. Moreover, because we are primarily a virtual law firm, we offer the flexibility that our working and busy clients require. If you would like to set up a meeting online or over the phone, we can help.

Además de inglés, hablamos español. Abogado principal David Breon ha vivido en España y Ecuador. David es sensible a las diferencias culturales entre nuestros vecinos hispano hablantes. Él ofrece servicios legales en derecho familiar a personas con diferentes antecedentes y experiencias, así como ofrece servicios inmigratorios para quienes los necesitan.


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