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Semita Legalis means “the legal path.” When you are facing a family law or immigration issue, the path ahead may seem confusing and intimidating. But it doesn’t need to be that way, and you don’t need to navigate your path alone.

We view our relationships with clients as collaborative ones. To help people reach their goals, we explain every step in a case, discuss likely next steps, and offer the best legal advice we can so our clients can make informed decisions.

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Orders of Protection: Missouri

In Missouri, any adult or child who has been subjected “. . . to domestic violence by a present or former family or household member, or who has been the victim of stalking or sexual assault, may seek relief” by filing a petition, seeking an orde…
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Meet Semita Legalis Lead Attorney David Breon

David Breon is the founder and lead attorney of Semita Legalis. He focuses his practice on family law and immigration matters. Though he’s based in western Missouri, he offers virtual legal services to clients across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, and immigration services to clients across the United States and around the world. Semita Legalis is committed to providing helpful legal counsel, principled advocacy, and fair rates as we guide our clients to a brighter future.

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