Immigration Law

Immigration Law

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It’s hard to overstate how necessary and imperative it can be to obtain a particular immigration status. A family’s future or a business’s survival can be determined by whether certain people are able to come to the United States and stay here legally. Semita Legalis offers professional, goal-focused representation to clients seeking non-immigrant visas to work, visit or come to the United States for a particular purpose; immigrant visas to permanently reside in the United States; or humanitarian relief, such as that provided through asylum, or visas for crime or human trafficking victims. We also handle bond hearings and appeals for those caught up in the immigration enforcement system or facing deportation.

Lead attorney David Breon has a special relationship to immigration and international issues. He previously lived in Spain and Ecuador for many years, is married to an Ecuadorian and has a son with dual citizenship. He speaks Spanish fluently—habla español con fluidez—and he understands and empathizes with those needing to regularize their immigration status and with the difficulty and strain of being separated from loved ones abroad.

At Semita Legalis, we view our cases with our clients as a collaborative effort. Our job is to help clients reach their goals, whether that’s adjusting their immigration status, bringing a loved one to the United States, or defending against deportation. As part of this, we explain every step in the case, discuss likely next steps, and give clients our best legal advice, so they can make informed decisions. In return, we ask that our clients give us the fullest possible information, even when it means re-living a difficult or traumatic situation, or even taking a risk. Information relating to the representation of our clients is confidential, and we work hard to earn their trust.

Although any immigration law matter that requires in-person court appearances is limited to the United States Kansas City immigration court, we offer many immigration services (e.g., bond hearings or Hague Convention cases) regardless of location. Moreover, because Semita Legalis is primarily a virtual law firm, we offer online or telephonic meetings to better fit our clients’ schedules. If you would like to set up a meeting online or over the phone, we can help.


Semita Legalis offers professional, goal-focused legal representation to clients seeking non-immigrant visas to work, visit or come to the United States for a particular purpose, and immigrant visas for people who want to permanently reside in the Un… Read More

Humanitarian-based Immigration

Semita Legalis offers professional, goal-focused representation to immigrants in need of humanitarian relief, at bond hearings and appeals, and to people who have been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and are facing deport… Read More

Meet Semita Legalis Lead Attorney David Breon

David Breon is the founder and lead attorney of Semita Legalis. He focuses his practice on family law and immigration matters. Though he’s based in western Missouri, he offers virtual legal services to clients across Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois, and immigration services to clients across the United States and around the world. Semita Legalis is committed to providing helpful legal counsel, principled advocacy, and fair rates as we guide our clients to a brighter future.

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