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Understanding Your Child Support Obligations And Entitlements

While child support is one of the issues that parents may argue about, it is important for both parents to financially contribute to the raising of the child. States have established specific child support guidelines to ensure that the proper amounts are being paid and received.

Whether you are involved in the dissolution of your marriage, are a single parent or are involved in a military divorce, we are here to help. At Semita Legalis, we are dedicated to answering all your questions about child support and other family law matters. Located in western Missouri, attorney David Breon is admitted to practice law in Missouri, Kansas and Illinois. He strives to help our clients understand the child support guidelines in their states and how the laws affect their specific situations.

How Child Support Is Calculated

While Missouri, Kansas and Illinois handle child support slightly differently, there is a general understanding of how the amount of child support is determined. Factors the states consider include:

  • The income of each parent
  • An overall percentage of the combined income, which ends up being the amount of child support to be paid
  • Other child-specific financial obligations, such as health insurance and child care
  • Which parent has primary physical custody or is considered the primary custodial parent

How Child Custody Affects Support

The parents’ financial obligations to their children are decided based on either a custody determination or (in the absence of such a determination) the physical custody of their children. For example, if the parents had informally arranged for one of them to have custody of their child during the academic school year and the other to have custody during academic breaks, then the court would equitably set child support according to all required and relevant factors (e.g., financial resources, standard of living or special needs), including the residential time of the child with each parent.

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